Thomas Hieke, Schriftgelehrsamkeit in der Logienquelle. Die alttestamentlichen Zitate in der Versuchungsgeschichte Q 4,1-13, in: Jon Ma. Asgeirsson, Kristin de Troyer, Marvin W. Meyer (eds.), From Quest to Q. Festschrift James M. Robinson (BETL 146; Leuven: University Press/Peeters, 2000). BEF 2400. ISBN 90-429-0771-1.


H.'s study examines the process of the reception of key Old Testament texts in the story of the temptations of Jesus in the Sayings Source Q. The leading questions are: What happens to an Old Testament text when it is used as a "quotation"? How does the OT text influence the NT story? And how are the OT texts read anew in the light of the NT story? The OT texts discussed by him are Deuteronomy 8:3; 6:13.16; 10:20 (5:9); Psalm 91:11-12. The literary relationship of the OT and NT texts allows one to draw conclusions concerning the social setting and the contemporary background of the Q story about the temptations of Jesus. The OT quotations, especially those from Deuteronomy, make clear that for Q Jesus and his message are in accord with the Torah of Yahweh.-T.H.


(Abstract published in Old Testament Abstracts 23 [2000] 344.)