Thomas Hieke, Psalm 80 - Praxis eines Methodenprogramms. Eine literaturwissenschaftliche Untersuchung mit einem gattungskritischen Beitrag zum Klagelied des Volkes (ATSAT 55; St. Ottilien: EOS Verlag, 1997). Paper. DM 68.00. ISBN 3-88096-555-2.


H.'s work pursues two major aims: first, to give a detailed analysis of Psalm 80 and the genre of the communal lament, and second, to present a range of tools for Psalm exegesis. The relevant methodological steps are briefly explained and then illustrated by investigating Psalm 80. All of the methods are applied to the same text in order to get a full view of all the aspects of the Psalm and to find out what one single step might contribute to the entire result. The main issues treated are the analysis of the syntactical structure, the semantics of words and phrases, the motifs of the Psalm, and the genre of the communal lament. One particularly useful method for Psalm exegesis is speech act theory. H. uses this method in comparing Psalm 80 with other communal laments (Psalms 44; 60; 74; 79; 83; 85; Lamentations 5). Finally, the work presents a hypothetical date and situation for the origin of Psalm 80 (shortly after 722 b.c.e. in Jerusalem) and a concluding interpretation. The appendix supplies indexes of biblical references, authors, topics, and Hebrew and Greek words.-T.H.

Published in OLD TESTAMENT ABSTRACTS 20/3 (1997) #1893.

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